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S3 System

More exciting information on hypnosis programs
by the greatest hypnotist of all time, Marshall Sylver!

The following are great sites to learn more about Marshall and his active programs.

1) Marshall Sylver's Tranced - Tranced is a movie in its category and promises to be like no other film out there. People have been looking for new and exciting ways to enjoy a well put together film and Marshall has done just that. Sylver's Tranced movie will allow for hypnotizing audience members who are willing and want to take their participation of the movie on a whole new level and experience in a movie theater. Please go to for more information.

2) Marshall Sylver's EZ Persuasion - Sylver can help you unlock a whole new side of you with EZ Persuasion, giving you the ability to open up the secrets of influence and persuasion. Learn how you can gives others what you want in an inspiring way! This jam packed package comes with 3 Full Length Subconscious Training DVDs, 6 CDs, and 1 full length workbook. This is one of Marshall's best work! Check out for more details.

3) Marshall Sylver MySpace - Keep up to date with Sylver and his activities on his myspace page. You can see some of the powerful comments people have left Marshall because of his work with individuals. You can also see his blog that is updated regularly so you can see when his next shows are and events. Be sure to check out for more on Marshall Sylver.

4) Marshall Sylver Mall - You can find ALL of marshall's programs and services at this site. He offers a variety of things, including the EZ Persuasion, Weigh Way Less, Marshall's Passion Profit & Power, Power Programming LIVE, How To Hypnotize Others, Self Hypnosis, Marshall Sylver - I AM a Non-Smoker, and many many more. Be sure to check out for a complete list of products and services!

5) Marshall Sylver Weigh Less - As we all know, weight control and loss is rapidly growing due to the tremendous amount of overweight people are growing in the world and we need to do all that we can to take that into a different direction. Marshall's Weight Way Less program is designed to help people believe that they can remain permanently slender and really shake off the weight! Be sure to check out for more information on this exciting program!

6) Marshall Sylver Turning Point Seminar - Just like it says, attending one of Marshall Sylver's Turning point seminars can really help "turn around" your life and really resurrect it in a positive way by joining one of these seminars. He focuses learning secrets on how to master money, power, sex, and LIFE! Welcome to your Turning Point

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